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South Korean slim 1st slimming capsule

South Korean slim 1st slimming capsule
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Name: South Korean slim 1st slimming capsule Features: oral and topical, slimming the body at the same time, add a special thin legs skinny face factor, body fat reduction, leaving no dead corner. Introduction: South Korean slim 1st slimming capsule main select Korea natural no pollution of soil plant Sakura in the extraction Sakura pigment, under human all parts cell structure different of special specific, from extraction out for all parts fat of activity anti-obesity factor (YLS), on General all parts fat cell has special of affinity sexual, has specific sexual to minus stacked in body all parts of repeat meat, using easy security is full weight loss of dedicated products. At the same time, effective changes in pregnancy and obesity so that formation of the waist, hips, and legs Orange Leather texture, make skin smooth and firm, presents the perfect curves of figure, after 5 cycles, obviously found his 10-20 pounds of weight loss.

South Korean slim 1st slimming capsule

Ingredients: cherry plain, siraitia grosvenorii, yellow tomato, ginseng, honeysuckle and Cassia Angustifolia. Function: slimming face thin legs, regulation of blood lipid. Applicable people: with simple fertilizers, high blood lipids, postpartum obesity, adolescence obesity. Usage: 1 times a day, each time a particle, taken before breakfast. Size: 0.5gX12 size X2 small boxes.

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