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Libigrow Extreme Reviews Tells The Benefits of Having Sex From

Sex is a good medicine for preventing disease and health care, regular sex even can bring lots of benefits. Britain Male Health magazine summary 7 dosage of sex and its benefits, and also make the suggestion according to these. People under the 40 years old can control their sexual frequency according to this, and people over 40 years old can cut half of dosage based on this, and can make the arrange according to yourself body condition, try best to enjoy the sexual joy and benefits.  Libigrow extreme reviews will give you the details of the benefits of having sex. Having sex once per week:  reduce stress Having sex once per week helps release more oxytocin, which is good for relieving stress. A survey shows that oxytocin is helpful for reducing stress, relieving stress and nervous emotion. Experts express that oxytocin only released during sex, masturbation can not produce it. Having sex twice per week: protect heart The New England institute for 16 years involved a 1000 study has confirmed that, having sex twice per week can reduce 45% risk of getting serious heart disease. And experts shows that the time of twice sex is better to be seperated. Having sex three times per week: improve immunity system The Wilkes university in USA have found from their survey, having sex 2-3 times per week, can best produce Immune globulin A, improve immunity, and reduce 30% risk of getting cold, flu and other serious disease. Having sex four times per week: reduce the risk of getting ED The American journal of medicine find that compared with men who only have sex once per week, men having sex at least 4 times per week will reduce 50% risk of getting ED. Experts say, it would be better to have sex in the morning. Having sex five times per week: keep young This is because male sex hormone can naturally improve the ability of muscle protein synthesis. Having sex with libigrow extreme can promote male hormone secretion, which will help men enjoy more. Having sex six times per week: weight loss Having sex six times per week can burn 0.5 kilograms fat. If you can persist for oen year, then you will reduce 6 kilpgrams weight. This sexual frquency is suitable for those who want to consume 144 calorie heat within half hour, andd improve heart beat from 70 times per minutes to 150. sex can be used as a assist way to slim body, but it can not replace the regular exercise. Having sex seven times per week; prevent prostate disease Men before 30 years old have sex 7 time per week can reduce 33% risk of getting prostate disease.